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Here you will find resources like articles, courses, and encouragement to support you as you do the brave work of bringing music into the world.  

Tired of feeling like you don't perform your best on stage?
I can help with that! Here's what to do.


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Hi! I'm Katie.

My goal is for you to spend LESS energy worrying about performing or being "good enough" and MORE energy making this world a beautiful and connected place with your music! 


I am a flutist, educator, and Lumia certified life coach.


I know firsthand how important it is to create a nourishing mindset from which to create music.

After studying at the Eastman School of Music, Interlochen Arts Academy, summer festivals, masterclasses with iconic teachers, AND winning my first Principal Flute post and college teaching position, I did the unthinkable...


All my education and experience never taught me the one thing I needed to know: how to believe in myself.


As artists, we all struggle with things like self-doubt, comparison, fear of failure, and perfectionism. But there is a way through. A way for you to bring your unique artistic voice into this world that feeds your imagination and brings joy to your life.

Because, the truth is this: your audience is longing to hear you. They need the space and vulnerability your music creates. Their hearts are desperate for a language to express what thier words can not. In a daily life of striving, competition, struggle, pain, numbness ... your music gives them a reprieve. You remind them that there is truth and beauty to be found in this world.


Your artistic voice is too precious, too beautiful, too necessary to be inhibited. 

I am a fellow musical sojourner. I preach these truths to myself Every Day.  

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My favorite activity is connecting with musicians on calls.


I love having conversations around unlocking confidence and what it feels like to be a performer. Whether you are in a professional orchestra, an educator, a student, or perform in your community band, I am Here For You


If you would like to connect, shoot me a quick email and we'll find time.

These calls are little love gifts I offer you. No strings attached.    


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