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Tired of feeling like you don't perform your best on stage?
I can help with that! Here's what to do.


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Hi! I'm Katie.
My goal is for you to spend
LESS energy worrying about performing or being "good enough" and MORE energy making this world a beautiful and connected place with your music! 


After studying at the Eastman School of Music, Interlochen Arts Academy, summer festivals, masterclasses with iconic teachers, AND winning my first Principal Flute post, I did the unthinkable...


All the education and experience never taught me the one thing I needed to know: how to believe in myself. It took me 10 years of focused study to discover the best tools that FREE classical musicians from debilitating fear. And now I'm sharing them with you!


Your artistic voice is too precious, too beautiful, too necessary to be inhibited by performance anxiety. 

Allow me to show you a better way.

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