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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I take flute lessons?

With an experienced teacher like Katie, lessons provide individualized support which fast-tracks your progress. Learning music is a rewarding and complex undertaking. Having a supportive, kind teacher by your side gives you someone to share your successes with and encourage you through challenges. Lessons provide consistency, accountability, community, and fun!


Is it worth paying for music lessons?


With Katie as your teacher, you are given a systematic path to learn flute efficiently and successfully. With over 20 years of experience, Katie has countless tools to help you become the best flutist you can. Every week you hear a gorgeous flute sound, listen to demonstrations of the music you're preparing, are given concrete next steps for the week, and are gently guided on this beautiful journey of being a flutist.  

When should I start flute lessons?

Whenever you're ready! Katie has students of all ages and abilities in her studio. Students who:

  • want to get a head start on beginning flute;

  • are in middle school and want to take their skills to the next level;

  • want to place well in high school band auditions and Solo and Ensemble;

  • are ready to rekindle their love of music as adults.


How much does it cost to learn the flute?

Music lessons are an investment in so much more than your student's abilities on the flute. Katie works with students on:

  • goal setting

  • resilience

  • problem-solving

  • organization and personal responsibility

  • artistry and musicianship


​Katie offers packages of lessons by the semester or season in 45 min and 60 min increments. Tuition can be paid up front for a discounted rate or evenly distributed each month throughout the semester.

For current lesson offerings, please reach out! 


Why should I choose Frisco Flute Studio?

Frisco Flute Studio is distinguished among other lesson providers for several reasons.

  • ​Katie has over 20 years of experience and is a mother to 3 kiddos of her own. She knows how to get to the heart of her students and encourage them in their musical and personal growth.

  • Katie believes in partnering with students and parents to set measurable goals and provide monthly feedback to parents.

  • Katie offers quarterly studio classes where students build connection with area flutists, play chamber music, learn music theory and history, and practice performing in a friendly environment.

  • Katie teaches the whole person, not just the flutist.


Is learning flute easy?

Studying music is a lot like learning to read and speak a new language. The first years of learning sound production, fingerings, and music notation take time and dedication. When partnering with a teacher, though, the process is quite fun! Once the basics are solid, students dive into musical interpretation, ensemble collaboration, building technique, and developing their personal artistic voice. This process lasts a lifetime and only gets better the longer you study. It is not easy, but it is absolutely worth the effort.  

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