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Work with Katie

To bring out the best in yourself and others!



What if you were to give your mindset the same type of support you give your playing? 


As a Lumia Certified Life Coach, I come alongside musicians and help you develop personalized strategies to bring your best self to the stage. Your experience as an artist is as unique as your experience as a human. While there are principles that are supportive and healthy, tailor-made mindset tools discovered through the process of coaching are the single most powerful way to overcome performance anxiety.


Click the link below to learn more about how to be coached by Katie.


Mindset Workshops

You’ve seen it time and time again - well prepared students whose performances are hijacked by stage fright. While we’ve all probably read The Inner Game of Tennis at some point, we don’t always feel equipped to support our students in mindset work. 


Thats where I come in. 


I offer personalized workshops based on the needs of your students to help unlock them so they can bring their best self to the stage. We’ll connect about what you’re seeing, what they’d like to learn, and I’ll develop a workshop designed to teach them how to create a healthy mindset for themselves.



The fine folks over at The Strad and have already allowed me to write about performance anxiety for their publications. If you have an online newsletter, blog, or print publication that is looking for a contributor, I’d love to chat.

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