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Hi! I'm Katie.

Let me help you overcome performance anxiety 
one positive thought at a time.

You can be free from stage fright and perform with confidence!

Just Imagine...


You are pacing backstage and take a peak around the curtain.

The hall is full, the stage is empty,

and you’re about to walk out and bare your soul. 


No wonder musicians get performance anxiety!


It is a terrifying thing - to be authentic and vulnerable with hundreds of unknown faces staring at you. 

Believe Me, I understand

But, you know what?

Performing doesn’t need to be terrifying.

Performing on stage can be


After taking 10 years away from playing classical music, I came back.

I learned the tools that took me from fear to freedom.

I can teach them to you.

Splattered Paint

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About Katie Frisco


I studied flute at the Eastman School of Music, at Interlochen Arts Academy, at all the summer festivals, and with loads of amazing teachers around the country. 

But, the one thing I never learned was how to believe in myself.

It took me 10 years of focused introspection and study to discover the best tools that FREE classical musicians from debilitating fear. 

And now I'm sharing them with you!

Your artistic voice is too precious, too beautiful, too necessary to be inhibited by performance anxiety. 

Allow me to show you a better way. 

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